I haven't had a burst of energy but I did receive an offer I can't refuse. A well known Jazz writer has offered to write a guest blog on Oakland Jazz. How can I refuse?  He is an award winner.  An Oakland resident.  His stuff is professional and entertaining.  His piece will be about a … Continue reading OAKLAND JAZZ; BONUS


Why would I dare to write a Blog about the Filipino-American community of Oakland? To borrow the title of an Oscar Levant book, at best, what I know about this community can be summed up as "a smattering of ignorance." Actually my desire to write such a blog results from the courage of two young … Continue reading A FILIPINO-AMERICAN MACHADO: YUM


The Italian surname Raimondi is not only famous in Oakland but is carried by many notables throughout the World. Aldo is a long  lived  Italian painter (1902-1997).  Antonio is an Italian born Peruvian natural historian and geographer ((1824-1890). Diego an Argentinian footballer (b.1977). The American sculptor John (b. 1948). Ruggero (b. 1941) actor and opera singer. … Continue reading BASEBALL’S RAIMONDI BROTHERS